The Iberico pig commonly known as “pata negra” (or “black hoof”), is the direct descendant of wild boars that roamed the Mediterranean centuries ago.

There still are stone statues resembling our pigs dating back to the Roman Empire.

The breed is called Iberico because it is native to the Iberian Peninsula. It inhabits its own ecosystem called the Dehesa, a Mediterranean oak forest, which is also home to cork and olive trees.


FERMIN established the first farm of 100% Iberico pigs in the province of Salamanca. Our ranch is called Los Helechales, and where pure Iberico pigs are bred. This is the base where we build our quality portfolio. This vertically integrated system of production allows control of each step of the development of our products, making it possible to have the consistency of the much awarded FERMIN products.

From farm to table

We count on our own Farms where our pigs grow strong, healthy and happy
We continue to use traditional methods, combined with the latest technology available in the market
We have the perfect number to maintain and control Quality Standards on every single product we produce
We deliver to your table one of the main pleasures of life

The dehesa, unique ecosystem of the Iberian Peninsula

The Dehesa is a Mediterranean forest consisting of Holm Oaks, and Cork and Olive trees, the perfect habitat for Iberico pigs. This ecosystem, found only in Spain, is the Iberico pig paradise.